What we do and why we do it.

Mission Statement

New Creation Arts exists to provide a community of artists that fosters creativity and promotes well-being by supporting artistic growth, provides opportunities for self-expression through the arts, and establishes a collective voice promoting community outreach, inspiration, and artistic expression.

A Word From Kerry

Hi. I’m Kerry Jackson… President of Drawing to the Rock Ministries, Inc. and founder of New Creation Arts.

I have found that most people involved in the creative arts have experienced common struggles when it comes to their art. I know I have had feelings of isolation. No matter where I’ve lived, there hasn’t been a real strong artistic network in my area. Most of my loved ones can’t relate to my passion. Or, I spend so much time inside of my own head that I forget how to talk to other people. Whatever the reason, all artists feel alone from time to time.

Our most profound conversations often occur within our own mind. Think about it. We’ve all been there. There is nothing more isolating than stumbling upon the most important thought of your life, and having no one to share it with. It highlights our need for a receptive audience already engaged with the same ideas.

That receptive audience is community. As far as we might be able to make it on our own, being part of a like-minded community of peers helps us to reach so much further. They are a sounding board… critical but never negative. They can be a motivating source of accountability. They can be collaborators, partners, mentors, teachers, and students… or simply just friends. We can talk to them, share with them, and sympathize with them in a way that we simply can’t with those who aren’t facing similar challenges every day.

More than a few of us creative types are perfectly happy being the quiet wallflower. And probably at least one of us would flee from all human contact if it were feasible. But none of us would be where we are today had we not put ourselves out there. We’ve connected with others experiencing similar struggles. We’ve learned to ask for help when we need it, while also extending a hand to those who need help from us. We support one another artistically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I have often longed to be part of a creative community where I can be inspired, challenged, critiqued, rewarded, supported, and even prayed for. I have been fortunate to be part of such communities in the past. I know how helpful it was. That’s why I’ve started New Creation Arts in Marietta, Georgia!

If you are an artist in any creative discipline, I invite you to contact me to see how you might be involved in this wonderful opportunity.

If you are a patron of the arts, I invite you to consider supporting us with your attendance, by volunteering, and with your financial support. All gifts and donations are tax deductible.

Who We Are

New Creation Arts is a community of artists.  Our members are visual artists, designers, writers, photographers, videographers, dancers, actors, storytellers, and musicians who have a passion for the arts!  

We provide working studio spaces, a shared art gallery where participating artists rotate as “Featured Artist of the Month,” and space for performance arts such as dance, music, and spoken word.  A small license fee is required for each studio space but we are able to offer studios at an affordable rate due to the generosity of our non-profit ministry partners.  All studio license fees go into our general budget to help with the cost of our events.

Participating visual artists are encouraged to volunteer their time towards running the gallery and complete a “call for entries” application.  100% of all gallery sales go directly to the artist.  No commission is taken by New Creation Arts.  It is the responsibility of each artist to report and submit all appropriate sales tax.

New Creation Arts partners with other art organizations to provide art marketing/business seminars to help us all be more successful artists.

In a nutshell, New Creation Arts is a "home" for artists to work, display, collaborate, and encourage one another in our love for creativity.

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New Creation Arts is a program of Drawing to the Rock Ministries, Inc.
For more info visit drawingtotherock.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Are You an Artist?

If you have a passion for art and would like to share it with the world, join us and become a New Creation Arts artist.