Who you will see at New Creation Arts!

Kerry Jackson

From Marietta, Georgia

Art Mediums: Fine Art, Performance Art.

I'm a visual artist working in both fine art and performance art. I primarily work in mixed media. I sometime dabble in sculpture. My subject matter varies greatly from traditional landscapes and portraits to whimsical and spiritual.

Bruce Renner

From Marietta, Georgia

Art Mediums: Photography.

My medium is primarily acrylics, but I also love working in oils, pastels, colored pencils, graphite and charcoal and am constantly pushing my boundaries with challenging subjects and materials.  I am currently working to improve on painting portraits.  There is no telling what I will try next!  My style is representational Realism and Impressionism.

Gerald Jones

From Marietta, Georgia

Art Mediums: Fine Art.

My philosophy of Art is pretty simple in that I feel convicted/compelled to produce and create art which honors the Lord Jesus Christ.  This presentation of art that glorifies Christ is done by:
- Displaying the on-going battle between good and evil.
- Highlighting the world and its imagery with its rough hewn imperfections as something worth redeeming.
- The all important fact that there is hope for man individually.
- Spotlighting the honor of Manhood.

In short, art is something which should give people encouragement and hope... which is exactly what Christ does for mankind.

Lee Martin

From Powder Springs, Georgia

Art Mediums: Fine Art.

My interest in art can really be attributed to two homeless men in Oklahoma City OK., Matt and Ben. I became an encourager of their talents by providing studio space and commissions but never doing anything myself due of lack of confidence.  Nearly 20 years later I took a chance and painted a simple cross for a small storefront church in Topeka KS. to hang on their wall which started my active involvement in art. My love for abstract style has grown over the years as I watch people discover different visuals and meanings in my work. For me creating art is all about the process and for the viewer it is what it is.

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