Come enjoy art with us!

New Creation Arts loves participating in community arts events in our city and we also create events for artists and residents to be a part of that will help them to grow as artists.  Whether you are coming by during the Marietta Art Walk or joining in with one of our New Creation events, make sure to be a part of what's going on!

Below are a few of the upcoming events where you can expect to see us involved.

October Feature Artist - Diane Duquette

New Creation Arts is proud to announce Diane Duquette as our featured artist for October 2019. The show will premiere 6pm-9pm on October 11th, and admission is free.

Meet Diane...

I have been painting since I was a little girl. I am self-taught. The paintings for this show are a acrylic paintings using various techniques and styles. A few years ago I took a test about strengths and it said 2 main things about me: No matter what I do I do it with passion and that all I do is passed on my faith. So that is where the title of this show comes from.

I began my career as a stock-broker with Merrill Lynch but took many turns along the way and eventually entered the world of non-profits. I retired from my professional life as a Planned Giving expert for non-profits and a development consultant for non-profits.

I am the mother of 3 adult children, 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. During my adult life there have been many joyful events, but I have also lived through a lot of tragic and painful events. It has always been prayer that has sustained me and led me through each season of life. In the last 2 years God has tugged at my heart to begin painting again to express my feelings. Early in my life I painted a lot and then let it go for several years. A high school friend of mine said he will never forget that I was the only one in our 6th grade class to paint horses in many colors. So, I started early experimenting with color. Recently God got my undivided attention and I finally listened and decided to paint as often as I could. Once I started, I could not stop. In my paintings you will see joy, beauty, anger, sadness and each has been an expression of talking to God which brings me peace. As each day passes, I feel freer to try new methods and become courageous to just pick up my paints and a canvas and see what happens. You are never too old to begin again and never too old to paint.

I am an avid gardener and turned my front yard into perennial-beds so I don’t have to have the grass cut. Each season brings new colors and much new work but like painting, gardening is an expression of my feelings, my love for God and working in the garden is a time of prayer.

Marietta First Friday Art Walk

Enjoy an evening of live music, performance and local art as you shop, dine, and experience all The Marietta Square has to offer.  Art Walk is a free self-guided walking tour of the Marietta Square’s galleries, museums, cultural venues, restaurants and businesses on the 1st Friday, April–November, from 5pm to 9pm with a special “Kick-Off” event in March and an “Encore Show” in November.  During Art Walk, each participating venue hosts a local artist outside of its storefront in Marietta Square.

Make New Creation Arts your FIRST STOP on the Marietta First Friday Art Walk as you make your way to the Square!

Creative Groups

Everyone needs a community to be involved in where they can discuss things on their mind and heart.  New Creation Arts hosts “Creative Groups” where artists of all creative disciplines gather together to discuss how our art and faith intersect.  Groups are open for anyone to participate as often as they would like.

Currently our groups meet every Tuesday at 7:00pm.

Rent Our Space

Are you interested in renting out the New Creation Arts building for your event or exhibit? Click the link to contact us!