Come enjoy art with us!

New Creation Arts loves participating in community arts events in our city and we also create events for artists and residents to be a part of that will help them to grow as artists.  Whether you are coming by during the Marietta Art Walk or joining in with one of our New Creation events, make sure to be a part of what's going on!

Below are a few of the upcoming events where you can expect to see us involved.

January Feature Artist - Dawn Calhoun

New Creation Arts is proud to announce Dawn Calhoun as our featured artist for January 2020. The show will premiere 6pm-9pm on January 10th, and admission is free.  Her show is titled, "Highs and Lows, A Journey in Art."

Meet Dawn...

 Dawn’s Art is deeply personal and expressive part of her life.  She was born in 1976 in Columbus, Georgia.  She grew up on the backwaters of Lake Harding, and later on top of Pine Mountain, also in Georgia, where she was surrounded by nature.  From the age of four, she painted everyday, often spread out with her watercolors over the dining room table.  Her talent was recognized early on, and she was awarded throughout her academic years.  

Not fully understanding her gift, she left the arts to pursue a degree in Biology at Georgia Southern University.  After college, she found her way into private aviation and soon discovered a passion for travel and the culinary arts.  Happy and busy juggling motherhood and a successful aviation career, she saw little value in art and considered it a “hobby” she simply didn’t have time to indulge.  She didn’t paint for over 20 years.

As with life, eventually she found herself in the midst of a heartbreaking trial.  A lifelong follower of Jesus, she cried out to God for direction.  He answered her with nothing short of a divine commission, God instructed her to return to the arts, but this time it would be for His glory.  Her purpose, He explained, would be to channel His love to His creation.  Though she was skeptical, and wondered how she would find the time, she obeyed.  Tentatively, she picked up a paint brush and began to paint again.  Within a couple of years, her trial turned into a crisis and she soon found herself unable to continue constant travel and began painting to pay the bills.  Thankfully, God blessed her efforts and she found an enthusiastic reception to her art.  Many collectors expressed spiritual connections to her art and have found her works to be encouraging and healing.  

As Dawn continued in her own healing and gifting, she began selling her art at the Marietta Square Artisan Market.  She was quickly picked up by a local gallery.  In November of 2019, she enjoyed success at her first gallery exhibition hosted by Robert Kent Galleries.

Dawn works primarily in acrylics, preferring a loose, expressive style of painting often accentuated by palette knife texture.  She views this life as both beautiful and painful and  seeks to reflect this view with both expressive brushwork and the hard lines of the palette knife.  Praying throughout the creative process, she attempts to stay open to God’s thoughts and direction.

Dawn currently continues her artistic journey in Smyrna, Georgia with where she resides with her husband, son, and dog “Roxy."

A word about her show...

“Highs and Lows” is a collection of acrylic paintings on canvas.  Spanning works throughout 2019. I painted this collection in a loose, expressive style and often used a palette knife to add texture and emphasis.  I am more concerned with expressing the feeling of a subject or moment in time than replication of an image.

Highs and Lows was inspired by the HillSong United Young and Free song, “Highs and Lows”.  This collection seeks to explore the concept of God’s presence in every circumstance.  As believers in Christ Jesus, we can rest assured that whether we are “rising or falling” His presence is with us to catch us and guide us throughout our journey.

Feeling called to paint, I am convinced that it is my artistic purpose to act as a conduit through which God’s love, peace and glory can flow.


Marietta First Friday Art Walk

Enjoy an evening of live music, performance and local art as you shop, dine, and experience all The Marietta Square has to offer.  Art Walk is a free self-guided walking tour of the Marietta Square’s galleries, museums, cultural venues, restaurants and businesses on the 1st Friday, April–November, from 5pm to 9pm with a special “Kick-Off” event in March and an “Encore Show” in November.  During Art Walk, each participating venue hosts a local artist outside of its storefront in Marietta Square.

Make New Creation Arts your FIRST STOP on the Marietta First Friday Art Walk as you make your way to the Square!

Creative Groups

Everyone needs a community to be involved in where they can discuss things on their mind and heart.  New Creation Arts hosts “Creative Groups” where artists of all creative disciplines gather together to discuss how our art and faith intersect.  Groups are open for anyone to participate as often as they would like.

Currently our groups meet every Tuesday at 7:00pm.

Rent Our Space

Are you interested in renting out the New Creation Arts building for your event or exhibit? Click the link to contact us!